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FamFinder is simple and straight forward to use.

All family/group members must install the App to their phone. Build your family/group using your contacts list, choose who you want to locate and hey presto, you know exactly where your loved one is.

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FamFinder was developed by Openmind Networks.

Openmind is a company with more than a decade of experience delivering telco-grade communication services platforms to the telecommunications industry. The company was founded in 2003 when founders Alex Duncan and Brian Kelly left behind the world's leading SMS vendor at that time and created a company which now powers over 1 Billion SMS messages very day, with over 120 installs all over the world. Uniquely, Openmind now provides messaging platforms to all consumers of Messaging solutions - Mobile and Inter-Carrier Operators, Social Media Network providers and more recently, direct to the consumer, with the launch of a Tablet Messaging App called Dinamotxt. FamFinder is the latest edition to the Consumer App portfolio, offering location-based communication services to families.

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