What is FamFinder?
FamFinder is a simple App that allows users to find out the specific location of other family or group members. The App can only be used when both parties have added each other to their group. The exchange of location data is visible to both parties meaning that you are unable to find out the location of the person unknown to the other person.
Why FamFinder?
One of the common reasons to call or text your family is to find out where they are. They may be on their way home from work, from school, out with friends, or even within the same shopping mall and you want to meet up. FamFinder immediately lets you know where they are.
What platforms does it support?
FamFinder supports both Android and iOS.
How much does it cost?
FamFinder is free to download.
How do I add a family member?
Simply click on the + icon on the home screen and enter the contact Name or Number. This will search your contacts, once the contact is selected, you will be asked to ‘Enable Location Exchange’ with the contact. Once they have installed the App and added you to their group, you will be able to exchange location information.
Who can see my location?
Only those family/group members who you choose to share your location information with. Your location information cannot be viewed by someone who adds you to their group, but where you do not add them to your group. Data is stored on the FamFinder servers, however an encryption option is available.
What is Location Encryption?
Encryption may be used to obscure location data stored on the FamFinder servers. If you wish to use encryption, you must enter an encryption word or phrase, the other family member must use the exact same word or phrase.
How do I delete a family member?
Long click their picture on the home screen and select ‘Remove Family Member’. Confirm by selecting ‘Yes’ to ‘Are you Sure?’ prompt.
How do I attach a picture to a family member's contact?
You can upload a picture to your contact using a variety of image sources. With a long click on their image in the home screen, select ‘Change Picture’. Choose the source of the picture – take a photo with your camera and upload, an existing image from your gallery or select a cartoon image from FamFinder image library.
How do I select a pink or blue balloon?
You can choose to assign a pink or blue balloon to each family member. Again, with a long click on your contacts picture in the home screen, select the tick box for whichever colour you choose.
How do I find out where a family member is?
Click on the family member you wish to locate from the home screen. Click the refresh button on the top right hand side. Confirm that you wish to exchange location information. Note, your location will also be exchanged with this person. The location of your contact will be displayed on the map with either a blue or pink balloon. Zoom in/out options available. The last location exchanged with other family members, who may be within the vicinity will also be displayed on the map, this will state the date/time of the last exchange.
How do I know if a family member has checked my location?
Every time you exchange location information with another group member, the location of both parties is updated on both phones, e.g. You wish to find out where your son or daughter is. Once you refresh and confirm the location exchange, your location and the time that you checked it is also sent to their phone. In this way, the other person will always know when the location was last checked by the other person.
What if they have their phone is switched off?
The last known location will be displayed with the date/time. The location will be updated as soon as the phone is switched on again.
Who are the developers of this App?
FamFinder was developed by Openmind Networks. Openmind is a company with more than a decade of experience delivering telco-grade communication services platforms to the telecommunications industry. More recently, Openmind has developed Communication Apps directly to the Consumer, with the initial launch of Dinamotxt – a tablet messaging App available in the Play Store.
I have a question, who can I contact?

We’d love to hear from you.

Email: support@famfinder.info

Facebook: facebook.com/famfinder

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